Little Angels are a Blessing

Pakistan is the fifth most populated country in the world and it’s conspicuous that the density of population is increasing in the lower class of the country, which worsens the condition even more since they lack resources and cannot afford quality assistance. The smallest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts hence assuring maternal health is mandatory.

Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. While motherhood is often a positive and fulfilling experience but for too many women it is associated with suffering, ill-health and even death, therefore, Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) has been working alongside JPMC through the model of a Public-Private Partnership to serve patients from all over Pakistan and even abroad. Gynaecology and Obstetrics department of JPMC was severely overcrowded and cramped; hence, PAF has constructed a new 14,000 Sq. Ft. labor Ward and Operating Theatre block. This new facility includes a 22-bed Labor Ward, 5 OPD’s, a 4-bed eclampsia room, first stage room, recovery room, and sterilized unit, all under one roof. Their gynecologists are providing high standard care and assistance to all females experiencing parenting for the first time and to mothers as well.

PAF’s motto is to turn tears into cheers; their commendable services are exemplary. They are persistently working to eradicate poor health conditions with the help of their generous donors. For more information and detail visit their website

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