Don't Leave Your Vision Behind

To have an eyesight and witness God’s beautiful creation of nature and life itself is a privilege and a blessing. Embracing your life is essential but the capability to lead it on your own terms requires a healthy lifestyle.

Visual impairment is a disability and people suffering from it need assistance. While the checkup and treatment are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone still there are many who dream about getting treated for such disabilities. Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) has taken the initiative to brighten up lives by providing free treatment at the Ophthalmology ward at JPMC Karachi. It has been working alongside JPMC through the model of a Public-Private partnership to serve patients from all over Pakistan and even abroad. PAF has re-constructed an Ophthalmology Department with the latest diagnostic facilities for the early detection of patients’ eyesight related issues in order to determine further course of treatment. Best Ophthalmologist and Optometrist are there to provide quality services. They prescribe, diagnose, give treatments and perform eye surgeries as well to correct vision problems. Their ophthalmic medical assistance is providing excellent vision care so that every underprivileged can enjoy the serenity of life to their fullest.

PAF’s motto is to turn tears into cheers; their resident consultants for important medical procedures are an example of dedication. They are perpetually working for the cause with the help of their generous donors. For more information and detail visit their website
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