All buildings begin with a foundation.

Jinnah hospital which is famous for its impeccable services is connected to PAF administrative department completely. In an interview with the operations manager of the administrative department, Mr. Wajih Abidi comprehended their organization’s work. He stated that when the patients enter the hospital they go through a system. The welfare department follows an advanced software system to assess whether the patient deserves free of cost treatment or not, all these formalities are done before the actual treatment begins. It is the same system installed at Indus Hospital as well. A Patient’s health being of the utmost priority, emergency cases are dealt with minimum requirements for formality to facilitate the patient successfully since the motto is turning tears into cheers.

He further stated that all the medicines that we provide in bulk are verified and tested. He added, in Jinnah hospital, we have a medical ICU department, where there are 11 ventilators in total, out of which 6 ventilators were provided by PAF while the whole facility is maintained by us as well. From the RO plant to every consumable provided to the department is provided by us. He revealed, that the Nephrology department has 12 dialysis machines provided by PAF and 2 machines are provided by the government making it a total of 14 dialysis machines in the Nephrology department and 2 dialysis machines are kept in the ICU department for serious cases. The Neurotrauma center in Jinnah Hospital is Karachi’s only trauma center where there are 6 ventilators, everything from consumables to medicines are provided by PAF. He further emphasized, that we have the PET-CT facility and all the tests are done for free, whereas, a private hospital charges approximately Rs. 75,000 for such diagnostics.

Jinnah Hospital has the third largest blood bank in Pakistan which is run by PAF. All the equipment which is present in the blood bank is provided by PAF. Different departments in Jinnah Hospital have their respective head of departments (HOD) who take care of all the requirements of that department. If any department requires any machinery the request is passed to the administrative department of PAF. After few formalities, facilities are immediately provided in the respective departments.

PAF’s motto is to turn tears into cheers. Through sheer hard work and vision for a healthier more prosperous nation, PAF has managed to change the face of JPMC with the help of many generous donors. Visit us online to get connected with
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