Your Something is their Everything

We are often complaining about small things in life while there are people who are battling for their lives every day in order to survive. Anemia is becoming a common disease, where patients are constantly striving in a hope to live. The prevalence of anemia in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and a lot of people are victim to this chronic disease.

Anemia is the most common blood disorder, therefore, anemia patients have blood deficiency and can require blood at any moment. Hence, many organizations are working in accordance to provide blood to the deserving ones and Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) is one of them. It has been working alongside JPMC through the model of private-public partnership to serve patients from all over Pakistan and even abroad. It is engaged in many patient welfare activities likewise the Blood Bank at JPMC is PAF’s flagship project and is listed as the third largest blood bank in Pakistan. To help support the blood bank PAF supports the department in organizing blood camps throughout the year. PAF also manages the software and conducts grouping, cross-matching and screening of blood in its own laboratory at JPMC. This is all done in accordance with the highest international standards and the PAF Blood Bank is also Quality Assurance Certified from Australia.

PAF’s motto is to turn tears into cheers; their meritorious services for humanity are the living proof of their surpassing hard work and dedication. They are relentlessly working for the cause with the help of generous donors. For more information and detail visit their website

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